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·        Gourdessa

·        Woman’s Nest

·        Music Torsos

Mixed Media

·        Crowns

·        Collage

Studies for Ink Paintings

·        ACEO

·        Artist Trading Cards

·        Coasters

Home Décor

·        Lampshades

·        Lady Lamps

·        Mini Dress Forms


·        Bead People

·        Cameo Jewelry

·        Cameo Jewelry II

·        Maidens of the Sea

·        Ink Painting Pendants

·        Silver Clay

Works in Progress

·        Miniature Town

Specialty Gifts

·        Sperm and Egg Collection

·        Radio Bugs

·        Erotica

·        Snowflakes

                              Miniatures & Dolls

·        Cat-tharsis

·        Odds and Ends

·        Dolls and Figures



·        Faux Fabrics

·        Faux Stone in Miniature

·        Woman’s Nest I

·        Woman’s Nest II

·        Faux Carved Wood

·        Transferring Images to Polymer Clay

·        Mask Swap

·        Uncensored Swap


About Me

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Art for the Heart Blog

Homespun Philosophy Blog



Tutorials Now Online


If you wish to share these tutorials, please print in their entirety.  Also, be certain that you print the FAQ that is with the first tutorial below.


Transferring Images to Flat Polymer Clay Surfaces


Transferring Images to Polymer Clay Tutorial

Spheres or Round Beads

Cylinders or Tube Bead


Convex Surfaces

Concave Surfaces

Global Coverage

FAQ for above Tutorial


Bead Bonanza I Tutorial

12 Techniques Using a Limited Color Palette

14 pages with over 65 color photos




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